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Added Value

MAGNET Beyond supports the roll out of new technologies and advanced open systems, and will bring together partners that can collectively benefit from each other’s technical expertise and are able to converge to the technical approaches that are being discussed for next generation systems.

The strong participation of industrial partners, as well as the participation of research institutes and universities guarantees innovation. MAGNET Beyond is a well-focused consortium that brings together considerable experience and skills to provide solutions in a European and worldwide context.

The partners are selected in such a way to synthesise the best possible solutions and achieve best results. The MAGNET Beyond consortium is a healthy mixture of industrial and research organisations, geographically spread around the world. Project partners have complementary expertise in the area of next-generation telecommunications systems. This project brings together know-how currently spread across many countries and each of the partners has presented the requirements, the market-trends, and the means to move towards the implementation of systems that can be easily adopted world-wide.

The consortium includes major operators with a number of cellular systems around the world and key manufacturers that supply the largest part of wireless systems and equipment all around the world. The industrial partners are already involved in the development of PN systems and components. MAGNET Beyond is a system-oriented project and the spectrum of technical activities is very broad, which means that relevant research activities are not only focused in PNs, but also in radio communication, radio resource management, networking, security, and service provision, etc.

MAGNET Beyond can be seen as an umbrella of the technologies included in the Wireless World and their management and interworking. The project is ambitious, since it focuses both on the users and the service providers. In addition it enables the smooth transition to next-generation systems, reducing the gap between technologies and resulting in cost-effective and attractive solutions.

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