WP1 Users, Pilot Services & Markets

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WP1 Users, Pilot Services and Market

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WP1Users, Pilot Services and Market 
D1.2.1The conceptual structure of user profilesM8
D1.2.2User profiles and profile managementM15
D1.2.3The role of user profiles in PN services and context awarenessM30
D1.4.1Usability of PN services (low-fi prototyping)M18
D1.4.2Defining usability of PN ServicesM24
D1.4.3Usability testing of pilot servicesM30
D1.5.1Inclusion of organisational, customer and market aspects of business requirementsM6
D1.5.2Inclusion of models for competitive dynamics of PNsM12
D1.5.3Need for management and/or overlay management networksM18
D1.5.4Analysis of strategy optionsM30
D1.6.1Model contractsM24
D1.6.2Identification of marketable results and relevant partners within MAGNET BeyondM30

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