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MAGNET Beyond will …

MAGNET Beyond will produce
Research-based, comprehensive, short-term and long-term solutions for the technologies and protocols needed to build PNs that meet the user requirements. In particular in terms of quality-, security- and trust requirements.

  • Technology roadmaps for the evolution of PNs
  • System specifications for first generation PNs
  • Effective platforms that optimally and cost-effectively meet the short- and long-term communication requirements for personal devices
  • A pilot PN system and pilot services
  • An assessment of the market potential of Personal Networks based on PN services usage, usability and acceptation tests.

MAGNET Beyond will

  • introduce Pilot Services
  • obtain real market and user feedback and 
  • help build the business of personal services over personal networks.

MAGNET Beyond will strongly promote PNs and related technologies and provide input and recommendations to standardisation and regulatory bodies and fora. Through success in the MAGNET and MAGNET Beyond projects, Europe can leverage its leadership in wireless communication towards new business opportunities.

Expected Impact
At the end of MAGNET Beyond, industrial parties will have a solid basis to move quickly towards commercialisation of Personal Network products. There will be comprehensive and well founded answers and solutions for the needed technology, the user, and the business aspects.

Contact: Aalborg University · Niels Jernes Vej 10 · 9220 Aalborg East, Denmark · Phone: +45 96358080 · E-mail: [email protected]
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